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Vortrag in der Reihe Transfer: Education – Society – Science (TESS): "Re-generating ‘On Campus’ Education to Re-inforce the Response-Ability of the University"

Prof. Dr. Jan Masschelein & Prof. Dr. Maarten Simons, KU Leuven, 24.03.2022, 16:00 - 18:00 Uhr, online (via zoom)


This presentation problematizes how the university today has to move in an environment that installs a separation between research and education and that weakens the particular 'response-ability' of the university regarding societal challenges. This environment is based on the figures of the independent, personalized learner and the innovative, autonomous researcher. Both are characterized by a certain ethos of self-governance and imagine the university as an infrastructure and environment for learning and research (in order to increase its output and impact), and as a (digital) communication ‘platform’ where they can manage their ‘profiles’.

In this lecture we want to reclaim the university as collection of study practices that contribute to the future of society by complicating research and learning and by exposing researchers and learners in practices of public and collective study. We thereby understand researchers and learners as concerned students and scholars with the aim of dissolving the separation between research and education. In order to revitalize and regenerate the response-ability of the university, its pedagogy crucially requires to not only be digital or ‘in the cloud’. It requires to re-generate and re-invent the ‘on-campus’ precisely to allow for an increase in affectability (i.e. entanglement and discernment) that is also able to respond to societal challenges.


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Der Vortrag ist in die Reihe Transfer: Education – Society – Science (TESS) eingebunden, die vom Interdisziplinären Zentrum für Bildungsforschung (IZBF) in Zusammenarbeit mit der Professional School of Education (PSE) und dem ProMINT-Kolleg an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin organisiert und durchgeführt wird. Mehr zur Reihe finden Sie hier:

The lecture is part of the series Transfer: Education - Society - Science (TESS), organized and hosted by the Interdisciplinary Center for Educational Research (IZBF) in collaboration with the Professional School of Education (PSE) and the ProMINT-Kolleg at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. More about the series can be found here:


Die Veranstaltung findet online via Zoom in englischer Sprache statt | Anmeldung via E-mail an

The event will be held online via Zoom in English | Registration via e-mail to