IRTG2403 - Regulatory Genome


Teacher: Russ Hodge

Science writer


How to see a ghost, think like a molecule, and communicate science


Every stage of a researcher's career is built on foundations of writing and other forms of communication, yet this topic is rarely taken seriously in European universities. As a result, scientists struggle with papers, job and grant applications, and daily tasks. Researchers often have the most trouble communicating the topics they are most familiar with. Why should that be true? And what are the implications?


A few years ago, I began a very systematic study of these problems and discovered some interesting and surprising patterns. This work revealed a profound connection between the process of communicating science well and the quality of a scientist's thinking and research. It also provided solid strategies to help researchers write more clearly and powerfully and give better talks.


Students in this compact course will be exposed to a new model of science communication and do some practical work on a text they have written.


New Date

CANCELLED 24.04.2020


09:00 - 13:00

Philippstr. 13, House 18, Maud Menten Hall


If you like to participate, please contact Wiebke (Coordinator)


Comments from the Workshop 09.03.2020:

  • "I personally think the workshop was very good. Russ was very professional, friendly and experienced. He was giving the workshop in a very interactive way."
  • "I enjoyed it, I think it was useful."
  • "...., Russ gave us some insightful tips on how to improve our writing pattern. it was prepared well. More importantly, what stuck with me is that he taught us how to think while writing a piece and that is important and useful because it can be translated to any writing including scientific and non-scientific work."