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Publication of a student thesis on the edoc server

Only student theses written as part of a degree programme at HU can be published on the edoc server. Please note that theses can only be published on the edoc server after they have been successfully graded and the degree certificate has been issued. Publication on the edoc server requires the approval of the supervisor or reviewer (see below).

1. Preparation

Please prepare the following for submission to the edoc server:

The text document as a PDF file

  • Please note our technical requirements for the PDF file (A1 - A4). Before submitting your PDF file please check it carefully! In some cases conversion may cause changes to the document and text or images may not be displayed correctly.
  • Please indicate on the cover sheet the type of thesis (Master's thesis/Bachelor's thesis), the date of submission to the Student Administration Office and the names of the reviewers and/or supervisors.
  • Personal data such as date and place of birth, curriculum vitae, signatures and matriculation number may not be included in the entire document.
  • Please name the PDF file according to the following schema: master_surname_firstname.pdf or bachelor_surname_firstname.pdf


A German and English summary, as well as at least 4 keywords each in German and English for the submission form

  • The summaries must not exceed 2000 characters including spaces.
  • Only the special characters of the keyboard may be included. Formatting is not possible.
  • Please do not use machine translation tools.

2. Submission on the edoc-Server

Once you have successfully registered on the edoc server, you can start the submission of your thesis under this link. Complete the form and upload the prepared PDF file.

You can pause the submission at any time and continue it later. After you have completed the submission, your details and the PDF file will be checked. If your submission or PDF file does not meet our requirements, you will be notified by e-mail and have the opportunity to make corrections. If the submission meets our requirements, we will send you a confirmation by e-mail.

Notes on the submission form

Indication of references

Under References, you can enter the DOIs of publications that are related to your thesis, e.g. published research data. Please do not enter references from the bibliography here.

Choosing a license

Essential aspects of Open Access are free access to scientific works and the re-use of these. In order to make re-use as free as possible, a work should be published under a free licence (e.g. Creative Commons Licences). With a Creative Commons license, an author can determine the conditions under which his or her work may be reused.

For scientific Open Access publications we recommend CC BY. This license is Open Access compliant and also recommended by research funding bodies such as the

You can find further information about licenses here: https://www.ub.hu-berlin.de/en/researching-and-publishing/open-access/legal-aspects/licences?set_language=en

You can also use this license generator: https://creativecommons.org/choose/

Research data attachments

In addition to the text publication, you can include related research data in the submission if it fulfils the character of an appendix. In the case of extensive research data appendices, please publish these as a separate research data publication on the edoc server.


3. Conclusion of contract

To complete the submission, we also need:

2 signed paper copies of the publishing agreement

  • Please download the publishing agreement under "Formular für die Veröffentlichung einer Textpublikation" and print out 2 copies. Only publishing agreements signed by hand will be accepted. Agreements with digital or scanned signatures will not be accepted.
  • Please make sure to mark the same license condition in the contract as you choosed in the submission.
  • Send the completed and signed copies to the following address:
    Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
    AG Elektronisches Publizieren
    Unter den Linden 6
    10099 Berlin


Letter of endorsement by supervisor

  • The endorsement can be sent informally to the following e-mail address: edoc@hu-berlin.de


As soon as all criteria have been met, the thesis is published on the edoc server. A published thesis cannot be removed from the edoc server.