Publication of a dissertation on the edoc server

1. Preparation

Please prepare the following for submission to the edoc server:

The text document as a PDF file

  • Please note our technical requirements for the PDF file. Before submitting your PDF file please check it carefully! In some cases conversion may cause changes to the document and text or images may not be displayed correctly.
  • The cover sheet must include the date of the defence and the names of the reviewers. Please refer to the sample cover sheet in the corresponding doctoral degree regulations. Include the name of the faculty and the names of the acting president and dean at the time of your defence.
  • It is not permitted to use the HU logo in the publication of your dissertation.
  • Personal data such as date and place of birth, curriculum vitae and signatures may not be included in the entire document.
  • The text document must contain an English and a German summary. Please do not use machine translation tools.
  • Please ensure that headings and page numbers are numbered consistently and comprehensibly. To ensure optimal double-sided printing of paper copies of the dissertation, page numbers should be centred or, in the case of a mirrored layout, placed on the outer margins.


A German and English summary, as well as at least 4 keywords each in German and English for the submission form

  • The summaries must not exceed 2000 characters including spaces.
  • Only the special characters of the keyboard may be included. Formatting is not possible.
  • These summaries do not have to match the summaries in the PDF document.
  • Please do not use machine translation tools

Notes on cumulative dissertations

Checking usage rights

In order to publish a cumulative dissertation on the edoc-Server, you need usage rights for the included papers. Please check the publisher conditions regarding the reuse of articles in your dissertation. You can find these either in your author publishing agreement or in the standard policies of the publishers. The following list provided by colleagues from the Technische Universität Berlin gives an overview of publisher policies especifically for electronic dissertations:

Included articles which have been published under a CC licence can be used in dissertations without obtaining usage rights. The same applies to articles in the manuscript version for which you have only assigned non-exclusive usage rights to the publisher upon first publication.

If neither the publishing agreement nor the publishing policy contains any information on re-use, you must obtain the usage rights directly from the publisher.

Versions of the included publications

Cumulative dissertations and their included papers must be published in the version that was submitted to the referees (except for additional requirements). If you do not have the necessary rights of use for the version included, you may use a different version for publication in agreement with the responsible doctoral office. This usually requires the approval of the doctoral committee.

Preprint A preprint is the version of a scientific publication that has not yet undergone a review process, usually peer review.
Synonyms: author's manuscript, submitted version, author’s original version, Originalmanuskript, eingereichtes Manuskript
Postprint A postprint is the version of a scientific publication that has gone through a review process, usually peer review, and has been accepted for publication, but has not yet been typeset, formatted, and designed.
Synonyms: author's accepted manuscript, akzeptiertes Manuskript, accepted version, peer-reviewed version, final draft
Publisher’s version The published version is the version of a scientific publication that has been finally published and, in contrast to the previous manuscript versions (see preprint and postprint), has usually been formatted, typeset, and designed in a way that is uniform for the intended medium of publication.
Synonyms: publisher's version, Version of Record (VOR), final version, publizierte Version, Veröffentlichungsversion, Verlags-PDF
Indication of included publications

Please provide the following details of the embedded papers and include them at the beginning of the corresponding chapter. We also recommend to add an overview of the included papers.

  • Publication status (Published, Submitted, In Review or similar)
  • full bibliographic details of the first publication including DOI
  • copyright and licence information
  • publication version included (preprint, postprint, publisher's version)
  • if neccessary: default phrase required by the publisher

Example of a published article
Publication status and full bibliographic details in a citation format of your choice

Published as

Sauter, T., Arndt, A., & Schneider, C. (2020). COSIPY v1.3 – an open-source coupled snowpack and ice surface energy and mass balance model. In Geoscientific Model Development (Vol. 13, Issue 11, pp. 5645–5662). Copernicus GmbH. https://doi.org/10.5194/gmd-13-5645-2020
Copyright and licence information reproduced from the published article © Author(s) 2020. This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

Publication version

author's manuscript (Preprint) / author's accepted manuscript (Postprint) / publisher's version (Version of Record)
This chapter includes the author's accepted manuscript (Postprint).
Example of an unpublished/a submitted article

Publication status and details of the title and authors

Accepted for publication in [JOURNAL TITLE] / Submitted / Submitted to [JOURNAL TITLE] / Submitted, in review / In preparation for submission / Unpublished / [or similar]

Submitted to Geoscientific Model Development as

Sauter, T., Arndt, A., & Schneider, C.: COSIPY v1.3 – an open-source coupled snowpack and ice surface energy and mass balance model.

Publication version

author's manuscript (Preprint) / author's accepted manuscript (Postprint)
The thesis includes the author's manuscript (Preprint).


2. Submission on the edoc-Server

Once you have successfully registered on the edoc server, you can start the submission of your dissertation under this link. Complete the form and upload the prepared PDF file.

You can pause the submission at any time and continue it later. After you have completed the submission, your details and the PDF file will be checked. If your submission or PDF file does not meet our requirements, you will be notified by e-mail and have the opportunity to make corrections. If the submission meets our requirements, we will send you a confirmation by e-mail with information on the further steps at the Hochschulschriftenstelle.

Notes on the submission form

Indication of references

Under References, you can enter the DOIs of articles that were written as part of your doctorate and are related to the dissertation. For example in the case of a cumulative dissertation, you can enter the DOIs of the included articles. Please do not enter references from the bibliography here.

Choosing a license

Essential aspects of Open Access are free access to scientific works and the re-use of these. In order to make re-use as free as possible, a work should be published under a free licence (e.g. Creative Commons Licences). With a Creative Commons license, an author can determine the conditions under which his or her work may be reused.

For scientific Open Access publications we recommend CC BY. This license is Open Access compliant and also recommended by research funding bodies such as the DFG.

If there is anything against granting a license, please send us a short message. We do not recommend the use of a Creative Commons licence in the case of a cumulative thesis if it includes articles for which exclusive rights have already been assigned to publishers.


3. Signing of contract and publication certificate

Please submit the following to the Hochschulschriftenstelle to obtain the publication certificate:

2 signed paper copies of the publishing agreement

  • Please download the publishing agreement under "Formular für die Veröffentlichung einer Textpublikation" and print out 2 copies.
  • Please make sure to mark the same license condition in the contract as you chose in the submission.
  • Please note that only publishing agreements signed by hand will be accepted. Agreements with digital or scanned signatures will not be accepted.


1 or 4 paper copies depending on the doctoral degree regulations

  • Please do not have made the paper copy until we have reviewed and accepted your PDF file, since the paper copy must match the accepted PDF file exactly.
  • Please check the website of the Hochschulschriftenstelle for information on the requirements of the paper copies. If you have any questions, please contact the colleagues of the Hochschulschriftenstelle.


You can make an appointment with the colleagues at the Hochschulschriftenstelle to deliver the documents by yourself or clarify on how to send them by post. After completion, the Hochschulschriftenstelle will forward the publication certificate to your dean's office.