Generation Nachhaltigkeit


Here you can find a general overview of the conference programme. The exact lecture timetable will be posted in February, once presenters have been selected.

Thursday, 17.06.2010

15-16        Greeting
16-18        Keynote-Presentation „The Spatial Dimensions of Sustainability“
18-19        Open Round-table Discussion I

Afterwards:     Meet and Greet

Friday, 18.06.2010

10-13         Section I
                  Section II

13-14         Lunch break

14-16         Section III
                  Section IV

                   Coffee break

16-18        Keynote-Presentation II "Content of Sustainability"
18-19        Open Round-table Discussion II

19        Movie

Saturday, 19.06.2010

10-13        Section V
                 Section VI

13-14         lunch break

14-17         Workshops

                  Coffee Break

18-19        Closing Presentation

afterwards:     Grillparty in MOPS