Religion – Knowledge – Discourse

Philipp Öhlmann

PhD project:

The Effect of Religiosity on Household Welfare in Rural South Africa


Philipp studied agricultural economics, development studies, history, economics, and protestant theology in Berlin, Marburg and Buenos Aires. He holds a Master of Science in Agricultural Economics and a Bachelor of Arts in History and Economics from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. In his research, Philipp focuses on issues of economic and social development, particularly on the relationship of religion and economic development. He has teaching experience in microeconomics, international trade, market and policy analysis, religion and economics at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Agricultural University Novosibirsk and Universidad de la Habana. Philipp works as a development professional at a Berlin based NGO and is fluent in German, English and Spanish and has good working knowledge of Northern Sotho.



Öhlmann, Philipp; Silke Hüttel. Religiosity and Household Income in Sekhukhune (forthcoming in Development Southern Africa).

Öhlmann, Philipp; Marie-Luise Frost; Wilhelm Gräb. "African Initiated Churches – Partner für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit?" (forthcoming).

Öhlmann, Philipp; Marie-Luise Frost; Wilhelm Gräb. “You need to change the whole person – African Initiated Churches and sustainable development” (forthcoming).

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Contributing author of „ÜberLeben Weltweit“ (Handbook on intercultural learning), edited by Evangelical Lutheran Mission in Lower Saxony, Hermannsburg 2009.


Conference contributions:

"African Initiated Churches’ potential for sustainable development." Paper presented at the International Conference on African Pentecostalism, Lagos, Nigeria, June 2017.

"The empirics of transformation: measuring social capital in South Africa." Paper presented at the international summer school "Transformative Religion: Religion as Situated Knowledge in Processes of Social Transformation," Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, February 2017.

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"Religiosity and Economic Success in Limpopo – Existing Evidence and Outline of Further Research.“ Paper presented at the international summer school "Religious Pluralism and the Common Responsibility for the one World – Perspectives and Characteristics from Different Cultural Contexts," Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, February 2013.

"The Impact of Religiosity on Economic Success in Rural South Africa," Poster presented at Tropentag, Göttingen, September 2012.

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