Religion – Knowledge – Discourse

Jordan Kynes

PhD Project:

Pursuing an Arab Modernity in the Postcolony: a Discursive Reading of the Thought of Mohammed 'Abed al-Jabri



Jordan Kynes is a doctoral candidate in Philosophy and a member of the Structured Doctoral Program „Religion – Knowledge – Discourse" at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. His main areas of interest are memory, identity, and the ever-modulating interplay between religious and political discourse(s). His dissertation uses the work of Moroccan philosopher Mohammed 'Abed al-Jabri as a means of exploring an epistemologically-predicated notion of Arab modernity and its function as a contestation of political narratives (both internal and external) in the Moroccan Post-mandate Period.


Jordan Kynes holds an M.A. in „Religion und Kultur" from the Humboldt University zu Berlin as well as a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Florida. He earned his M.A. with a thesis entitled "Ideologies as Discourse: 'Islam' and 'Nation' in Modernity."