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Project gnuHU-books: Borrow a used notebook for free

The project "gnuHU-books" is lending used notebooks to students for free. The offer is meant for students studying at one of Berlin's education institutions (pupils, university students, staff, guest auditors), who do not have a computer available at present.

The initiative #gnuHU has approx. two dozen notebooks available. All notebooks are used ThinkPads type R61i. The notebooks were planned to be used in on-campus software classes on working with GN//Linux and Free/Libre/OpenSource Software this summer semester. However, due to the Covid19-crisis and the shift to a digital semester, these on-campus classes will not take place and the notebooks will not be used there.
Hence, you can now borrow one of these notebooks for free.

For further information and requests please visit the project website: hu.berlin/gnuHU-books